Sample Projects

A selection of recent work, from late 2013 to mid 2017

Customer Journey Management for Multi-Attraction Resort

Pilot implementation of analytics for a Guest Experience Program at the resort, using customer journey approach and data collected from touch points to guide guests around attractions and individualise approx. 1m guest experiences per month.

Digital Content Analysis and Tagging

Deep Learning platform provided detailed emotional analysis of content (TV, movies, websites, social media and magazines) to enable an international broadcaster to better identify content that resonates with viewers to improve advertising.

Deep Learning Platform and Digital Marketing Product Management

Startup business needed to upgrade Deep Learning Platform and build a suite of Digital Marketing applications. Introduced formal Product Management methods, documented the software architecture and features supported, introduced Agile/KANBAN development process and ensured new commercial release within 6 months.

Advisor on IOT Startup

IOT Platform development team needed advice on Go-To-Market approach, fund raising and commercialization. Brought in offer for funding, guaranteed first client and focus around features needed to support the commercial direction.

Order-to-Activate Performance Improvement

Lean Six Sigma project, with cross-functional team, to improve performance for a broadband installation process. Identified 18 improvement initiatives that would improve performance to meet contractual SLA’s.

Delivery of Partner Optimisation Framework

Project to deliver operational excellence to broadband network operations. Included work in Vendor Management to create a Partner Optimisation Framework that aligned organisation, processes, KPIs and performance across e2e network and service operations.

Media Shared Hosting Strategy

Assessment and planning for the migration of media servers and applications to a mixed physical and virtual environment – advising on what to migrate, when, dependencies and technical capability required for migration – and gaining alignment of stakeholders to commit to a plan going forward.

Big Data Analytics Reference Architecture

Assessment of Big Data Analytics maturity and recommendation for a set of 17 initiatives to increase level of maturity and deliver alignment of technical architecture with use cases. Delivered on 2 of recommended initiatives: creation of program governance structure and definition of Reference Architecture and vendor selection framework.

Business VOIP Package Operations Assessment

Assessment of Small Business VOIP package for Tier 1 telco. Analysis of architecture and failure modes resulting in a set of recommendations to address resiliency, robustness and scaling of the offering to increase sales.

OSS Architecture Strategy

Developed a target architecture for Tier 2 telco that would provide focus for integration of over 100 OSS applications from different vendors and provide a roadmap for their development team to adapt existing applications to match the new roadmap.