David Thodey’s innovation action items for directors

On Tuesday June 20th 2017 David Thodey delivered a speech on innovation to an AICD lunch in Melbourne.

The recorded video and highlights of the event are documented on the AICD website here.

A few notable quotes that are worth publishing here:

“The customer is a strong driver because if [an organisation] is truly customer centric, it never stands still – it is always innovating.”

“And there is a great opportunity to get ahead of the game. Directors shouldn’t leave innovation to chance.”

“You can’t leave innovation to chance. It needs to be supported by proper processes and organisational structures to truly work.”

However, David did leave the audience with a challenge.

At the end of his speech he talked about collaboration. He said, “One of the things we are not good at in Australia is collaborating,” Then he asked why and he concluded by saying, “There is real opportunity to improve how we approach collaborating in Australia and it begins with governments fostering the right environment for bigger and better innovative aspirations that we can all buy into.”

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